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Thread: Game won't start

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    Unhappy Game won't start

    I've re-installed three times. [Once without EB] and each time I get an 'unspecified error' and the game stops before anything even loads up. All I see is the little splash screen that pops up when you launch, and then the error notification. This is on a brand new computer, [just got it yesterday] and the shop checked and tested all the hardware before I picked it up.

    Everything else on the computer works fine, though I haven't tried to install any other games just yet. I even re-downloaded EB for the second install, just in case it was originally corrupted. No luck there. Now I'm running a diskcheck to see if there are any bad sectors on the disk that could be causing problems, after that I'm going to try defragmenting. But I'm otherwise stumped on this, so hopefully someone here knows what's wrong and where.

    [I'll provide a screenshot of the error message in a few minutes - just waiting for the diskcheck to finish.]


    Okay, did some more googling, and I came up with this thread, wherein someone stated:
    thanks for the info

    yes, the "unspecified error" occurs due to the sound card not functioning

    there were no conflicts with my system even though it did not meet the minimum requirements

    i hope this helps anyone who has the same problem
    Now, I do not have a sound card with this computer, just the motherboard, but I'm gonna check my drivers and see if I missed installing something somewhere, as I assumed most motherboards have built-in devices to handle this sort of stuff. [Not that sound really matters, I don't have any speakers anyways.]

    Any ideas on circumventing RTW's sound card detection would be very much appreciated. [Otherwise it looks like I'll be going out and buying a sound card. :P]

    Good News! After installing my sound driver, the game works!
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    Default Re: Game won't start

    Wow! Thanks for this post. Hahaha, I've been having this problem all day since I reformatted...yeah....duh...sound card driver would be good to install, right? haha.

    But yeah, sweeeeeet. Now I can get back to the EB goodness!


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