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    Just checking the forums before I go and kick some more carthigian butt. I'm about 30 years into the war with the carthinians, I have managed to capture all but one province in spain, all the islands in the med, and sicilly from carthage. I sent a general down to africa on a "slash and burn" mision about 2 years into the war and he got stomped horribly in the first battle. the whole army was lost and my general was killed.

    Not to be detered, I conscripted another army and sent it to north africa to "slash and burn" under another general. Having fought a few battles in spain against carthage, I was better prepared and this general was exceptionaly sucessful. I captured, exterminated the population of, destroyed all the buildings in every carthigian town in north africa and finally settled down in the carthigian capital.

    Does the script allow for names to be changed like in r/l. I don't remember what the generals name was at the outset of the campaign (he was a strapping young man of about 22 eager to prove himself). He now is somewhere around 50, has several stars, more than three for sure (can't rember exactly howmany) is governor of the former capitol of carthage and his name is "such and such africanas".

    This game is pretty cool.....

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    I'm not too sure what your question is.

    The game changes names for you if a general does exceptionally well against a particular race of people. Ex. if I have a general that wins a few stunning victories against the germans, he will have 'Germanicus' exchanged for his last name.

    Your general in-particular probably had Cotta, or something as his orginal third name, but now since he did well against Carthaginian's, he was given the cogonem "Africanus", if your question was "Did the script add that? Or was he named Africanus to start?"


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