This is a poll for players in the King of the Romans PBM only. The text of the amendment reads:

Charter Amendment E3.1:
Amend Charter E2.1 to read:
(a) If an Edict to impeach the Chancellor is passed with a 2/3 majority or he resigns, he is removed from office immediately.
(b) After impeachment or resignation, a fresh election is held to elect a new Chancellor, although a Kaiser may also exercise his perogative to be Chancellor at that point.
(c) The Chancellor replacing an impeached or resigned Chancellor serves out the remainder of the impeached or resigned Chancellor's term.
(d) All edicts passed in the preceding regular Diet that elected the impeached Chancellor remain valid, unless overturned by new Edicts at an Emergency Session the Emergency Session that impeached him.
(e) An impeached or resigned chancellor is not granted the additional bonus to influence that an ex-chancellor would normally be given.