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Thread: The Long Road mod

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    Default The Long Road mod

    I started playing this mod today as the English. Havent gotten too far. I'm about at the year 1189 AD. First time I have seen a big map mod in play. Very cool. I can tell you that you wont be doing any blitzing in the mod from what I have seen so far. The Independent (formerly known as rebels) towns and castles are well protected and garrisoned. Building up your towns/castles takes time too since the construction time ques are longer. I like how some same units can be built in both castles and towns. There are two turns per year which is nice though.

    The only gripe I got so far is that the arrow bridge between Irelend and Britain has been removed and moved to Britain and France near Bruges. I'm not sure I like that. I'd prefer to have England invaded by sea instead of a land bridge crossing. Although I havent had that happen yet. No faction is expanding fast from what I can tell. But I'm still exploring the map and the game. Kinda cool to see new territories, towns, and factions I hadnt seen before. So much land to cover in this mod!

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    Where is this mod cant find it on the org been looking all over must be just under my nose or something but cant locate it. Where did you get it from thanks in advance.
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