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Thread: Sound Cards for a dummy

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    Default Sound Cards for a dummy

    Ok all, I have a RealTek HD audio sound card, and I like to get a better one by this year or the next.

    How would you rate this sound card? (1-5)

    Plan to spend 50-75$ so give me suggestions.

    What's a good sound card?
    How do I install it?
    Can I make my current sound card better in any way?
    What are the perks of having a better sound card? (better sound obviously but what else?)

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    Default Re: Sound Cards for a dummy

    Realtek? Hmm, sound familiar. Isn't that built-in sound capability on the motherboard? (I have at least mostly seen it in such situations.)

    Installation of your sound card is not so difficult, but at the moment I wouldn't know how to explain it for you do be totally safe in knowing what you're doing. For this I would advise a better guide with pictures or something alike.

    To make your current sound card better I wouldn't know. There may be software available to tweak. Perhaps your driver CD has some tools?
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    Default Re: Sound Cards for a dummy

    Thanks for some info. FINALLY A POST!!!

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    Default Re: Sound Cards for a dummy

    Quote Originally Posted by God's Grace
    Thanks for some info. FINALLY A POST!!!
    Realtek makes integrated chips.

    Your only real choice with sound cards is creative; but be very careful buying any of their products if you intend to use vista, as the support is atrocious.
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    Default Re: Sound Cards for a dummy

    Thanks. I probably wont even consider Vista until at least 3 years, so that's great.

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    Default Re: Sound Cards for a dummy

    For gaming, the Creative X-Fi is the way to go. But M-Audio, bluegears, Razer, and Sondigo all make solid cards.

    I'm not an audiophile I rely on reviews and some basic number crunching. So my advice to you is to look for a good SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), bit depth (24-bit is a must), sample rate (upwards to 192khz), DTS/DD/AC-3 hardware decoder, and for gaming EAX support.


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