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    Default Just experienced this!

    Using TLR mod v2. Playing as England attacking Danes in Copenhagen. I took a small force of 2 spear mercenaries units, 2 Longbow men units, 2 ballista units, and my general unit. I went after their Prince and his body guard unit that was left on the capitol island.

    I had stakes in front of my spearmen and the bowmen behind the spearmen. General and balistas behind them. The prince's unit advanced slowly at a walk. I had to cease balista fire because the trajectory was making it so my men were also taking damage. This just left my bowmen to fire upon the advancing bodyguard. They weren't doing alot of damage but some.

    The general's unit stopped before the stakes for a moment and then did a perfectly executed fish hook end run around my left flank and hit my archers from behind. It was executed perfectly too. I Sent my General in to attack and had my spearmen turn to attack also. The enemy General did some decent damage and then finally retreated with what forces he had left. He fish hooked back around my line and looked like he was going to get away but my General's unit caught him and killed the prince and all but two of his bodyguards.

    I was amazed at the perfection the AI executed that fish hook maneuver. I've been playing this game since it came out in vanilla form using patches 1.01 and 1.02, and have used the LtC mod and now the TLR mod, and this is the very first time I have seen the AI execute this maneuver so perfectly like a human player can. Very cool!

    Usually the AI just charges into the stakes, stops, and or retreats. Although the outcome was a foregone conclusion the enemy AI showed what it is capable of at times. I don't know if its the mod or just a rare intelligence occasion of the AI but its times like that that make this game so damn fun to play!

    I just had to share my joy.

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    Default Re: Just experienced this!

    Quote Originally Posted by Skott
    I just had to share my joy.
    Thats beautiful, now if we could find a way to make this the rule instead of the exception....
    There are few things more annoying than some idiot who has never done anything trying to say definitively how something should be done.

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    Actually i have seen this happen quite a few times... whenever i have archers with stakes, i put the stakes in front of the infantry and after battle starts move the archers to the front to get a direct line of fire (which i feel is more effective). If the AI does not have infantry i will pull them back into the stakes to get the AI to charge into the stakes... But if dont time pull back properly, the AI cavalry will stop its charge and come around to my flanks. btw i play vanilla 1.02.


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