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    I dont see many action here. I want to ask you if you are related to europa barbarorum? And what version should i download?

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    As far as I know, there's no relation to EB. Consider the different timelines, as well as a slightly different in-game system.

    As for the version to download, I presume your talking about whether getting IBFD 7.03 or Rio's Dark Ages? I play IBFD 7.03, and I'm having loads of fun. I don't think I'll try Rio's anytime soon.
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    no relations, in fact, except for a humbly looking forward to get a similar realistic and historic vaste array of things.

    the actual playable version is 7.03.

    to play it, just download the 7.01 install it, and then the 7.03 patch over it.

    the soundmod is highly recommended.

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