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Thread: problem about disembarking america

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    Default problem about disembarking america

    hi friends.i am playing the game for 3 months and managed to send my soldiers into invade aztecs in h/h.but my ships doesnt disembark to the land.i sail around the continent but it seems to be there is no landing site which is very annoying.

    i want to battle the aztecs with my gunners so does anyone know a solution.

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    Default Re: problem about disembarking america

    Welcome to the forum!

    Just follow the coastline to the north, you'll find a beach on the northwest. You will be able to disembark there.

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    Default Re: problem about disembarking america

    DVX is correct. You can only "disembark" on the northern coast, near the Carribean Islands. You can't disembark or embark anywhere else in Latin America because Aztec magic prevented it
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    Default Re: problem about disembarking america

    okey.i ve got it.thanks to you guys for responding my problem quickly.

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    You can only land troops where you see waves crashing on the shore, no can do if there is a vertical cliff.


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