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    Default Screen Size

    So, after a week or so of research, I finally decided on the Asus G1S as a new laptop. I tried to purchase it a couple of weeks ago, on a site which said they had it in stock, but in fact they didn't. They'll have it on the 24th, that is this Tuesday.

    Now, while browsing the internet and the site, I found the Asus G2S. It's basically the same laptop, for two differences:
    -there's an integrated TV tuner in the G2S
    -the screen size.

    It's the last point which I wanted to ask about. The G1S has a 15.4" screen, and the G2S has a 17.1". Which one do you recommend?

    My current laptop, which is soon going to bite the dust metaphorically, has a 15.4" screen, and I'm very used to it.
    However, perhaps it's time for a change? What do you guys think?
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    Default Re: Screen Size

    Funny, I'm just about to buy the G1S A1 myself. All the reviewers are giving it shining reviews! :) The screen size question is really a question about how you are planning on using the machine. If you plan to carry the laptop around a lot, then go for the 15.4, on the other hand, if it will spend most of the time just sitting on a desk, then go 17.1. Also, keep in mind that a few years down the line it may be more demanding on the laptop to run games at the higher native resolution...
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