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Thread: Long Campaign Question/new experience

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    Default Long Campaign Question/new experience

    Hi people,

    Iam new to this forum, i played medieval2 for some time now, but iam wanting to pick it up again. Two questions:

    Is it possible to extend the long campaign?
    What is the best mod to install, to get more of a challenge from your opponnents?


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    Default Re: Long Campaign Question/new experience

    go play VH/VH campaign the AI will bug the hell out of you but its the only way that it is any fun because it is a big challenge managing money and armies.

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    Default Re: Long Campaign Question/new experience

    I've played 2 mods

    Lands to Conquer (Good, removes most of the exploits from the game, its basically the same game) It's harder.

    The Long Road- pretty hard to start off. It looks like if you want a challenging long campaign, this is it.

    You can't go wrong with either one.

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    Default Re: Long Campaign Question/new experience

    Ignore them. I find that playing on M/VH makes the game more fun because the world ISN'T out to get you. To answer your question, yes you can continue playing after the short/long campaign is finished. Hell, you can even play after the years are up but if you wait that long before you "WIN" then you won't unlock anything.
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    Default Re: Long Campaign Question/new experience

    How about L.T.C. on M/VH. Drives me nuts but I think I am winning. SadCat


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