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    Hi, I have a big problem in my koinon hellenon campaign.
    New family members don't enter the game when they come to age, they just die when they are 16 years old. There is the same with candidates for adoption. When I put the ok-button they are not in a city or an army but just die. So it is impossible to play the campaign because the family dies always out. Does anybody know how this bug can be fixed?

    Problem solved. There was a mistake in the export_descr_unit file so the spartan bodyguard didn't work.
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    Yeah, that happened with Aedui once while we were betatesting - we kept wondering why the AI faction kept dying at a certain time each campaign.

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    Is that the one where they die if the faction doesn't have a 'general' unit?

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    Uhm, according to the bugreport and specifically the edit... yes.
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