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Thread: Musketeers, etc

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    Default Musketeers, etc

    I haven't bought M2TW yet. I'm curious if the firearm infantry are any good?

    They say there are landsnechts and possibly spanish terricos that have organic combined arms (spear, sword, musket). What are they like? Is it a mixed force or do they just change weapons with alt-attack?

    Has anyone ever fought with a firearm based army? What did you think?

    With MTW i used to experiment with musket based armies, especially in custom battles. It was so so. The MTW engine was not the greatest simulator for firearm battles, compared to other games. But I had fun with it for a while. A custom battle with all arqubuisiers had some of the feel of 1500-1900 warfare. The troops held a wide thin line 2 or 3 deep. Concentrations of fire would almost always cause a rout, so both sides would have units rout one at a time and then rejoin the line. This is somewhat how I imagine Napoleonic wars were.

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    Default Re: Musketeers, etc

    In M2TW I use firearm based armies as Spain. They did really well(when combined with pikemen).
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    Hi Mangudai,
    If you are interested in the Napoleonic Era, then this modification by The Lordz may interest you. It's for M:TW, but it does it's best to portray Napoleonic Warfare on the engine. Hope this helps, cheers!
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    Smile Re: Musketeers, etc

    2 units of pikes a unit of Swords a unit of crossbowman and a unit of guns works amazing.
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