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    Got a little bored of my romani campaign and started a fresh baktria campaign (Vh/M). This is the second time I do so, last time I forgot to turn on the script.... Anyway, I'm currently in a position where I just defeated a huge saka army and took bin-kath to the north, also took the city to the SE early on . Most of the army is up north, with a pretty smart general in the capital.

    AS had just been attacked by pontus, but while every other ally deserted them, I stuck by them. What's my reward ? They attack my capital with 2 phalanxes and a persian archer, and have another archer and 2 persian spearmen within striking range:furious. I can't load the game because I foolishly saved right after the battle with saka . By the time my boys get back to Baktra, it's already taken and enslaved.
    To make matters wors, 1 turn after the bulk of the army gets to Baktra, a parthian army (who where up to that point my allies), nearly as big as my own, appears near my NW city, and a small, yet dangerous saka force is somewhere to the north, just waiting.

    Hiring mercs is not an option, since every general except the on in the capital is way north, so no matter what I do, I can't save my capital city. Tried to defend it, but those phalanxes are just to strong.

    Normally, I would start the campaign again or just drop it, but this time I'll proceed differently . I read somewhere there's a cheat that forces the victory of the attacker or the defender. Pls, tell me what that is so I can have a fighting chance. Promise only to use it against the seleukid army who didn't really play fair

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    auto_win attacker
    auto_win defender

    Then autocalc, although, sometimes it doesn't seem to work for seems a little quirky. It works sometimes, and other times it just doesn't do anything....not sure why, but hope that helps.


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