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Thread: Mouse pointer "crashes"

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    Default Mouse pointer "crashes"

    Hi all,

    I have this very annoying problem which I haven't seen reported here, so I thought I'd ask if I am the only one seeing this.
    About every 3rd time that I load a M2TW campaign game (or start a new campaign, it is not related to one specific save), it takes 1-2 minutes or normal map navigation and suddenly my mouse pointer freezes up. The funny thing is that the mouse is still working as I can see that the tooltips pop up when I move the mouse, it is just that the pointer does not move at all. If I drop out to the Windows desktop, the same thing there, the mouse pointer is just dead even if I try to fiddle with the mouse controls in the Windows control panel, and it seems like I have to resort to rebooting the OS in order to get it to run again.
    If I get past those first two minutes of playing M2TW, I never see this problem and I have not seen this in any other applications, so I have to assume that somehow M2TW crashes something in how Windows handles the mouse driver.

    HW/SW: Windows XP Professional, Generic 3-button Logitech mouse (using Logitech's own mouse driver), running the mouse and keyboard via a USB KVM switch (but this _should_ not be the problem)

    - So, has anyone seen this type of problem?
    - Is there any way to do the equivalent of "killall -HUP" (Unix speak) on the mouse driver in Windows so I can restart it without rebooting and see if that helps me
    - Any other hints for avoiding or getting out of this?

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    Default Re: Mouse pointer "crashes"

    You may get better response if you post this over in The Apothecary. Lots of helpful folks there, and some who even speak Unix!

    As for the problem, can't say I've got anything helpful to suggest. You can kill/restart the mouse driver if the Logitech software you've got supports it (or if you do some digging and find the driver name and the bat that starts it), but as far as I know there's no simple way to do it in Windows.
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    Default Re: Mouse pointer "crashes"

    I'd suggest trying to run straight through and skip the KVM switch. I'm assuming you have non-USB keyboard and mouse. If you are using a pure USB solution, there may be something going on with your switch, but that doesn't make too much sence.


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