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Thread: Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

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    Default Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

    Bwian, if you want to delete this do, it's just an informative rant of mine.

    Warhammer; Total War for Rome is not, as so may people here seem to mistakenly think, dead. if you care to look in the hosted mods for Rome here we have a subforum, and we have a development area and main forum on mixed mods;

    This is just because I have noticed that many people believe that we are dead, and as current modleader I would like to clarify otherwise, we are very close to a release now.



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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

    No need to delete it ... It serves to remind people that your mod is back in full swing, and also to remind people that they are two seperate mods.

    We have different goals and ideas, but we both want to see the Warhammer world working in a TW engine. I have gone for the M2TW, you the RTW.

    There are always going to be people who confuse the two....and this makes it clear.
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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

    That is good news, Jubal. I suppose it´s because the RTW forum isn´t very active at the moment which causes people to think the mod isn´t active anymore.
    Or it´s self-defense, after too many disappointments people assume the worst so the only surprises will be positive...

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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

    I'm a rabid follower of the development of your mod and have been since it's inception, and I'm glad to hear that it's still alive and truly kicking. I love the new screenshots!

    What happened to the website, though?

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    Default Re: Warhammer Total War One is NOT dead!

    The old team and website folded, I got annoyed my favourite mod wasn't being made any more and started with the released beta and a whole new team.

    So we have no website yet, but we're going to be joining the Mixed Mods one when that's complete.

    Also, if any members of the old team see this and want to rejoin or contribute any old material that wasn't released in the beta, I would be very very grateful.
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