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Thread: Hard-Sprites failed to load

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    Default Hard-Sprites failed to load

    I installed beta8 over a fresh install of VI. Campmap works fine, but when I try to go into a battle, I'm given the error message:

    "Hard-Sprites failed to load
    unknown error (0) (00000000)"

    Any insight?

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    I don't actually remember what causes that error. I assume your VI works before installing beta8. Is your VI patched to version 2.01?
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    Default Re: Hard-Sprites failed to load


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    Default Re: Hard-Sprites failed to load

    I don't think I've encountered that error before.
    It seems to be related to the animations.
    You do know that the other eras (Vikings, EARLY, HIGH, LATE) don't work anymore when you've installed the mod? If you'd try to start a battle from any of those eras you'd probably get such an error.


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    Default Re: Hard-Sprites failed to load

    hard sprites fail to load is DIRECTLY related to the unit battlefield animations,

    it means the game is looking for a unit in a folder inside in the textures/men folder but cannot find the required bif or lbm

    samurai currently uses 10 of the 12 extra unit folders, so it needs to be installed correctly

    i am thinking the install has gone awry
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