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    What are Thraces strong points and weak points? and also any tip on playing them please. As i am considering giving them a go for the first time.

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    There are some very good hints in the guides section of this forum.

    I think that the one you are after is..

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    On my experience,if you are playing at medium battle difficulty,then you shall use militia hoplites as your regular in mass numbers,use their(militia hoplites) swordsarm,dun use phalanxe except you are facing cavalry base enemy army or you need to hold off some enemy units when your main army are doing the killing(flanking or rear attack).And the last,just make sure you get a high ranking general(general with many stars that cover his command radius at battlefield,if you can get a general that got morale bonus will be perfect,coz militia hoplites got 2 morale only,they won't hold if you dun lead them with a general)!

    Your army will mix with some militia cavalry for killing any missile troops that will cause you heavy casualties(becoz their fast moving can reach their target very easy even facing horse archers!and that your militia hoplites got no armor at all!)I oredi use them(militia hoplites mixed with militia cavalry) to conquered whole Europe,now my 30000 militia hoplites army are on the conquest of Spain! At the same time earning 42300 denarii net per turn(I still can afford 67680 militia hoplites!too bad i can't display those troops at once at the battlefield...this is the great advantage for greek factions).

    Since you are using militia hoplites as your regular in mass numbers,then you will need many raw recruits from population,then i will suggest you using population growth policy when you choose to what to built(you need population for their tax,their trading tax and farming tax,and most importantly raw recruit.No population means no denarii,and no army!),then financial policy,then military policy. For early needs,you just need to built barracks and stables for militia hoplites and militia cav.That is 5 turns it take.

    For growth policy,i will suggest you take byzantium first(remember enslave them,yes it just got 2000 population,but what you need is the next 20 turn of slave supply for population growth),at the same time sending 2 diplomats to get ally and trade rights with your neighbouring faction(your Thrace can't afford any war before you get your supply machine running!),then take Chersonesos,most importantly you need it's grain supply for highest population growth!After taking Byzantium and Chersonesos,you oredi got your basic supply base!Building order will be farm first(after your road to connecting to your cities is built),then trader,then barracks(you must build them in every city to ensure your militia hoplites can resupply at any city within your border),then stable.Only military building need to built at the same time,the supply builiding is up to you!Remember to built the level 1 dock(port) when you got a chance,that way you can gain the supply from import.

    Since you get your supply base running,congratulations!You!the Thracian King will be on the meeting with your generals for future conquest!The rest is you to decide how to bring your Thracian Kingdom to glory!Enjoy your conquest!(for you going to get the surprise in your Thracian conquest,i dun want to ruin it!)

    HINT:about how to choose which building to be built first?=look at the turn that make the building start fucntion(time that take to complete that building and start to take effect),
    example: there is road(1turn),farm(2 turn),trader(2 turn),build the road first,so it will take effect for next 2 turn(road is important coz it is a route of trade) that you are building farm,rather than building farm first,that make it you will earn only 1 turn from farming income while you building road......and the cost is cheaper...while you are poor with the starting treasury anyone think that i should put this post into Thracian guide???
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    Thanks for the help guineawolf :0 Much apreiciated.

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    o the ":0" was spose to be a smiley face so :)

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    I didnt play as thrace but most certanly their weakest point is lack of armor protecting them from missile units. rhompaia and scyhe units are roasted by archers and since you start near scythia, beware...

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    Quote Originally Posted by icek
    I didnt play as thrace but most certanly their weakest point is lack of armor protecting them from missile units. rhompaia and scyhe units are roasted by archers and since you start near scythia, beware...
    that is why i suggest to bring your light infantry along with some militia cav.....that is exactly what i mention..

    With it's fast moving,militia cav can take down horse archer and chariots,except scyhet chariot...coz it's 5 hit point make it tough for militia cav,and desert cav....
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