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    Default videos using cine editor

    Despite brief attempts i made some time ago at M2, the game simply failed to win me at all levels - including the new animations that IMO look cumbersome and plain silly. Graphics are really good but the overall dynamic impression is rather dissapointing for me.

    A friend recently pointed out 3 videos in youtube that i feel are worth watching in that respect; they are made with cine editor and unlike most youtube videos of TW games they actually do give a dynamic impression as the frames nicely swing to follow the battle action. Visually they provide a nice feat and i enjoyed watching them.

    The poster/creator youtube username is: AnotherCanadian07 - i just wish to say well done.

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    Hmmm this has made my afternoon off interesting !

    I was reading some forums over at twc where a person from CA promised a tutorial guide for using cinematic editor upon release of patch 1.2. Do you know where I can get this?

    It'd be handy if the guys from CA posted links to guides and things to help players in their forum sigs :) Just a thought...
    Quote : Caliban (over at my second favourite forum TWC with regard to MTW !)
    " Caliban
    Yes I will release a guided tutorial when the new patch is released. I can give some advice for now. If you are having trouble running the editor, I would re-read your config files, this is where the problem will be. Read the suggestions in previous posts here and re-check your configs for path errors, typos or invalid folder locations. That will definatley prevent cin-ed from loading. Good luck"

    Anyone know where this guide is? Thanks if you can help me here. I don't want to watch movies on Sundays... I want to create them!

    Also due to not being very good at coding and stuff, I am a bit confused as to the flow of the posts there in regard to what can actually be achieved. This does mean I can now save my Campaign Battle Replays and edit them to make a nice movie... riiiight?

    Anyway, great post and thanks.


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