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    Would someone mind helping me on the syntax for the give_trait cheat? Here some background. I want to give some traits to my assassin, and i have a trait list, and the following syntax i entered, give_trait Smail Farrakhan AssassinsMemberGuild, did not work. If someone out there knows the correct syntax, or if that was totally off, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Select the character you want to give the trait to.
    Open the command console
    Type in give_trait this trait level and press enter.
    NOTE: Replace the bold text above with the trait you want to give and what level you want to give it at.

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    awesome site with what you'll need if you wanna use that for any other characters as well

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    If you're going to cheat with assassins, another good way is to give them good ancillaries (see the notoctalis site above for detailed lists.) I.E.

    give_ancillary this poisoner

    A few ancillaries and a give_trait GoodAssassin 3 will hook a guy right up. I try to avoid cheating like this most times, but in some cases, it beats the crap out of trying to save/reload/use other agent pattern I used to do in cases where I had to get an assassination happen. On VH campaign, assassinating is tough! You've got to work sabatoge early and often to train those guys up on your own.


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