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Thread: emergent factions

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    Default emergent factions

    I know they are there in BI...but i cant generate the right script...

    Also can you change the faction limit? And do E-factions count towards the 21 main factions?
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    Default Re: emergent factions

    Are you actually using BI?

    I just explained you can't add hording and hence emergence to RTW without running it under BI.exe, hording thread in the Scriptorium which just got bumped has more info.

    BI emerges the slavs by means of historic event and not script. I'm not actually sure if it can be done by script at all in RTW/BI, would need someone who's tried to confirm that. I'd always thought you couldn't but it is done in M2TW, by effectively generating a new historic event via script.

    Other forms of emergence (shadowing and emerge on revolt) are just set by descr_sm_factions but again I think they need the BI.exe (?)

    No you can't change faction limit in RTW/BI and yes emergent factions do count towards it. You might be able to do something with one of the factions being set as re-emergent but I'm not sure on that (more likely just to break game ) - and it would still be same faction.
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