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Thread: FMV: Video in games, please? I need help!

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    Default FMV: Video in games, please? I need help!

    Hi! I'm sorry, I can't find any topic about fmv (video in game) in any forum. So, I would like to know, why I can't view @ watch video when I played Medieval 2. For example, there are blank in message pop up when there are assassinated, crusader call by pope, marriage in the royal family and new pope elected?

    I've search in the fmv folder, but there are no wmv or any winamp file in there? Thats include the starting video, there no video played (every time I play Rome Total War, there is alway a video when starting the game, but in Medieval, there are none).

    I've been reinstalling the games, but there still none of these video. Anyone can help me about this? I really would like to watch these movies in the games.


    p/s: I'm sorry if I post this topic in the wrong forum, but I don't know which one is it. By the way, English is not my primary language, sorry if I'm wrong.

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    Default Re: FMV: Video in games, please? I need help!

    All I can suggest is try the following.

    1. Install all Codecs, expecually the .AVI codecs
    2. Reinstall the game
    3. IF you are using a NO-CD patch, DON'T
    4. As a last resort, Copy all files off of both cds to the M2TW directory.
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    Default Re: FMV: Video in games, please? I need help!

    Can you send me the video files? My email is


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