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    Default Pahlav questions

    I really am looking forward to the new pahlav nomad-eastern tech tree, and i am wrondering when pahlav has a reformed city how eastern and developed will they be able to build, such as road and school,

    also i read the history and i am unclear, is the pahlav and the parthians the same thing?

    Great mod

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    Default Re: Pahlav questions

    While I'm no member, I am quite certain that the Pahlav were indeed the Parthians. Unfortunately I can't answer any of your other questions....

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    Default Re: Pahlav questions

    i also have a question, will there be a major difference in the way they look in the battle mode?

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    Pahlav = Parthia

    The changes to Parthia won't be a major change in the unit roster, exactly. They will get different types of troops in different places, based on government, but they will be basically the same units in the current version.


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