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    I don't just want to conquer the Romain empire but the entie world.

    Currently i'm playing as Bruiti, just started my civil war and am very close to my 50 settlement goal. If I take Rome will I have to end the game or can I keep on fighting? I want to stream roll EVERYTHING. I want world domination from England to the middle east to Africa to greece to spain you get the point.

    So I heard a tip that if you want to do this you should bloackade rome and not take it.... How many men would this take, I could give 2 full armies of legion, and 1 of lesser experience troops to keep anything from going in and out.

    Or can I just sack rome and keep on playing.

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    Hi Nik00117,
    May I ask which patch you are playing with? You can check this by entering the "Options" menu on the main screen when you enter R:TW. Simply look in the top left hand corner of the screen and you should see a number. If the number is one of 1.2, 1.3 or 1.5 you can instantly continue onwards with your game after the conquest of Rome!

    Sadly though, if you have 1.1 or 1.0, you cannot gain that ability. You don't have to surround Rome with troops though, that just stops them from attacking you. You could just leave it open and keep your nearby cities well garrisoned as you would on a normal border. Luckily though, if Rome is a feeble backwater consisting mostly of weak troops, you have nothing to worry about and can just leave it to rot till the end of the game.

    If you do chose to surround it though, you will have to do it like this for it to completely cut the city off:

    A A A
    A R A
    A A A

    Where A stands for army and R stands for Rome. A minimum of eight units will be required for the blockade, divided among the surrounding armies.

    The size of your armies has to depend upon it's garrison's strength though. If it's weak and feeble, then you may wish to just use the minimum required number of units - eight with one in each army. If it's a full stack of battle-hardened veterans, then you may wish to place a half stack of equally powerful solders on each surrounding tile. It's really upto your judgement as to how many men you will require for this task.

    Hope this helps you, good luck, cheers!
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    My PC recently went bad (was doing some upgrades that went south)

    So the file is saved, however can't Ijust patch to 1.5 and just resave the game to ensure that I can take rome and move on.

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    I'm not quite sure. I know some patches destroyed saved game compatibility, but, sadly, I don't know which ones. It may be best not to risk it until a more experienced patcher confirms my suspicions. My sincere appologies for this.
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    In M2TW it doesn't matter and I think its the same with Rome.
    Not sure though.

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    It does change in Rome, i know that for certain, but i dont know which patches change it. Sorry.
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