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Thread: Clan Of The Grey Wolf

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    Long awaited. in honour of the MOngol Invasion i am creating the Clan of the Grey Wolf at

    This clan is actually a pack inside the Lonely Wolves.

    All structure/hierachy and so on will be completely Mongol based. Unnecessarry to say who goes for the title of Khan :P

    But many other nice titles will be given to the members.

    At the same adress the lonely wolves will stay for those loyal to the wolves. as a member of the lonely wolves people can still join clans!

    the site is under major construction and should give u already an idea of the contents. it is all still working.

    Clan Wolves: 10 years in Total War
    visit us at
    and youtube channel
    and watch a Creative Assembly employee struggle in battle....

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    lo magy i am new here. i have entered the 1v1 tourney cos i am a lonner and want to win a sword


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