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Thread: realism in EB - no, but in EB2 - sure (re: economy)

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    Default realism in EB - no, but in EB2 - sure (re: economy)

    I must say that I like this mod much, but what I hate is economy in this mod:
    i don't like money scripts - small factions were vulnerable, but in my games if i don't destroy a faction nobody does - is it realistic?
    AI is capable of completing some (maybe all) buildings just in 1 turn - so it enables elite cathapracts to be recruited in turn 20 (Pahlava with 3 regions can swarm me with cathapracts early in the game), all AI factions can build type 1 government in 1 turn
    why should sea trade mostly depend on distance between cities - Alalia can become one of the wealthiest cities only because italian cities are near - the shorter sea trade route - more money you get, it is not important that there are deposits of gold, silver or you can find silk or spices in that region but the distance is too big (I know it was difficult to clear trade routes of pirates, but cities like Alalia, Mytilene or Chalkis shouldn't be made the most prosperous)

    all in all - EB is about realism but not in economy - but in EB2 this can be easily changed (in M2TW and especially Anno Domini mod - trade depends mostly on resources found in regions and population - if there are gold mines in a region it will benefit also from trading with gold, if there is only tin in a city - it won't make much money from trade)

    I know it is hard to implement realistic economy in any of games, but you should focus on economy of Anno Domini mod

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    Default Re: realism in EB - no, but in EB2 - sure

    Firstly the only building we spawn for the AI is the government buildings, this is because it is a new mechanic to the RTW engine, and the RTW AI doesn't really know how to handle it (ie it will go after buildings that seemingly offer more choice). We also have to spawn governments for the AI because of the way the government precursors work. The AI has the same build times for all other buildings, I assure you.

    We use money scripts because the AI is so blind-dumb to the intricies of economy that it will instantly go into debt by building up its army and neglecting everything else. Its cities will stagnate, its armies will die and you'll come up against an enemy who offers no challenge. We want the game to be realistic, is it realistic for the enemy to act so stupid?

    It is very important what resources are in a province to determine how wealthy it gets. This is especially so for mining, but also trade to. I don't understand how you think the economy works in RTW, but if you look in the trade scroll you will see that the amount of money a province gets is directly affected by what resources it has (as seen on the map).

    Basically, I disagree with you entirely, though there is always room for improvement in EB, and we try to do the best we can.

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