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Thread: Foyer improvements

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    Default Foyer improvements

    Please list things you would like to see in the totalwar foyer and list their order of importance to you 1-10 or 1-3 or whatever 1 being the most important.

    this can be anything from simple colour changes to implimenting a totalwar ladder system.
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    Default Re: Foyer improvements

    The background/chat colors could do with an overhaul. Black background is not as easy on the eyes compared to the STW/MTW lobby.

    Have a seperate chatbox for private chat so it doesnt get mixed up with the rest.

    Enable private chat with multiple players (dont know if its fixed in M2TW but certainly didnt work in RTW)


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    Default Re: Foyer improvements

    Multiple chat is possible in M2TW.
    Making it easier to select players for multiple chat would improve things though.
    In short, give us the foyer we had in STW and nothing else is needed. Just like everything else these days, 'new improved' usually means ruined



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