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Thread: Wanted: battle order selection

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    When fighting battles which involve more than 16 units in a side, I'd like to be able to select which 16 units I start the battle with. For instance, if the attacker has chosen rainy weather I don't want to start the battle with 16 musketeer units !!

    Maybe individal selection of which units start would be to time consuming, but selecting the order in which stacks are used so you could have a defensive army for a province and an offensive army would be a good thing...

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    There may not be a real way to select your starting units, but you shouldn't need to. It's easy to defeat an enemy army of 1500 or so with just 960 in your own force. You don't need any extras.


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    One thing you can do to "guarantee" a certain army (I put that in quotes because it's been flaky from time to time) is to order your MOVES to attack.

    Before an attack, I get my Taisho's invading force together. If you're invading from a single province, then it's easy. Put all 16 units in with your Taisho and send that pawn in first. Then you can pile any other pawns on to hope for a combatless victory.

    However, if you're invading from multiple provinces, the first pawn you move will be the Taisho, and all units in that pawn will be in the battle. Move in any other units in the order you'd like them to attack, and you should be OK.

    Now, after you get past 16 units, it takes things in a specific order -- ignoring your initial moves. I believe it's CAVALRY, ARCHERS, then INFANTRY.

    It's very tedious, and sometimes I'd like to just select the units by hand before battle, but at least you can do what you need. Now, if only it were as easy for defense. For defense, I just do my best to put all of the best armies in with the strongest Taisho -- anything outside of that, and it's up for grabs.

    Hope this helps.

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    I believe when you are attacking with multiple armies, the first wave that goes in is the amry with the highest ranked general or your daimyo if he is there. So what you can do is to fill his army with the units you want to bring in as the first batch.

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