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    As to the Uachtarach, the archaeological source is quite real, at least the armor anyway. A segment of composite scale (akin to the later Roman Plumata) was pulled out of a bog in what had been Ivernis. Use of all-iron javelins is similarly attested, as remains have been found as far north as Connaught. Long spear hafts are well attested too.

    Most of the other units have very much in-period equipment for that area, judging from bog finds and actual weapon counts. 'Archaeology' hardly ever uses mythology, as we're concerned largely with hard physical evidence, which is certainly present in the case of the equipment.
    Were the stats of the Uachtarach DuboGaiscaocha based solely on archaeological finds?

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    To the extent that you'd decide whether a weapon gets AP, and what attack it should get, and what lethality, and to the extent that you'd decide what armor rating to give something, sure. We aren't really going to be able to use archaeology for things like defensive skill, charge value, or morale, and even the things for which we do use it requires some guesswork and the use of our stats guys' magical stats dragon.
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    Thank you for the reply


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