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    Default Random question and answer page

    Rather than starting a new thread for every offbeat question relating to M2TW, I thought it might be a good idea to start another "sticky" thread for posting any fairly on-topic question that might not be found in the FAQ.

    For example; "what does instagib mean?". I myself did not know until I looked it up online. But apparently this is what happens on the forum if you violate the rules badly enough. Rather than spend a lot of time navigating search engines (something I am bad at) I thought about posting the question here.

    But rather than hijack someone else's thread, or start a whole new one just for one silly "curiosity killed the cat" kind of question, I decided to do the search instead.

    But what if we had a single thread that allows everyone to post "on topic" questions not listed in the FAQ (because they might be too specific or offbeat)?

    Here it is. Post your questions and answers here for all topics M2TW related.

    I'll get the ball rolling. How does someone become "instagibbed"? Perhaps a moderator can answer that question.

    Hope this thread is useful!

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    Default Re: Random question and answer page


    here here! seconded!

    OK here's my first one:
    I have seen in a few threads lately about missile fire and weird angles etc.

    How do walls affect missile troops other than gymnastic like shots?

    How do parapets affect missile troops other than gymnastic like shots?

    Why are crossbow troops so effective in melee?

    and more as I think of them.


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