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Thread: Mongols and the tirimids

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    Default Mongols and the tirimids

    Can someone direct me to the file which controls the amount of troops spwaned by the above an the date.

    Specifically i would like to increase the numbers and maybe the dates so that several waves appears say ten years apart.
    I need to bring forward the tirimids arrival as game is largly over before they arrive

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    I believe the dates are in something like export_desc_events. I'm not sure if the troops that spawn are in the same file or if they are somewhere else (export_desc_factions or something like that). I don't have my files unpacked currently so i can't be more specific. Make sure you carefully read the unpacker readme before using it.

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    \SEGA\Medieval II Total War\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign\campaign_script.txt

    I believe <if I_EventCounter mongols_invasion_warn == 2> is the part u need to change.
    Read through the whole chunk of code of the mongol invasion to get the whole idea
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    Ok you don't need to unpack anything
    date of events are in
    date for mongols is on line 87
    date for timurids is on line 254

    To edit the armies look in campaign_script in the same folder
    Maybe ask for help in the modding forum for help editing this one to get your different waves the way you want it.


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