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    looking 4 17 years old tryin 2 beat the campaign be4 playin online

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    Welcome KoNtRaKiLLa

    If you are playing R:TW, you might want to check the RTW guides. If you just begun to play RTW, I strongly recommend you froggbeastegg's guide to Rome Total War, which can be found right here.

    For any help with M2TW, you can check the M2TW guides sections which is right here.

    Good luck with your first campaign

    And off course: enjoy your stay at the Org
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    Ja mata, TosaInu

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    Greetings KoNtRaKiLLa!

    The rest of the Welcome Crew shall be along shortly!

    Enjoy your stay!

    (play mafia)
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