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Thread: New player need opponents

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    Default New player need opponents

    Hey there... I have been playing M2:TW for about 3 months now, but not very often have I have been online and fewer still have I seen a game that has been challenging ( not bragging, but it seemed that people didn't care about winning )...

    Looking for anyone, hopefully someone that can "pwn" my ass ...

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    Fun > Winning

    If you truly wish to prove yourself as a competant player, then sign up to one of the Tournaments which are hosted regularly.

    Failing that, check out the Tournament links, and scope out which players have been performing well in them, and challenge them to some games.

    And you're right, many players don't care about winning random games, its only in the Tournies where the Big Boys really start playing.

    gl finding a good opponent anyway.

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    Default Re: New player need opponents

    Yes its a good idea to start learning from the best players. Look at what they do, adapt, incorporate their tactics into your own knowledge base. As Grendy said, look at the registration threads for these big tournaments and see which ppl are competetive gamers, then you can grab some games with them in the lobbies.


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