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Thread: Possible bug durind crusades

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    Default Possible bug durind crusades

    During a crusade, the pc controlled armies never dissolve even if the army stay steady for several turns and he put itself on your roads to ruin them.
    That it not fair.

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    Default Re: Possible bug durind crusades

    True, that is a known bug.

    What also annoyed me was that when I was crusading with 1 stack against 5 stacks of the Mongols (and more on their way), I couldn't move on Jerusalem directly, so I battled 1 stack each turn.
    Even though I ate through the Horde that way each turn, I still had troops deserting every turn, even in the turn where I killed the Kahn!

    IMHO you should not lose troops during turns where you fight the faction holding the crusade target, especially not if you win! Because indeed you are making progress then.
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