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Thread: Help uninstalling roma surrectum

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    Default Help uninstalling roma surrectum

    Ok im posting it her becasue it seems more active i really wanna play rtw

    I was trying to take roma surrectum off and i thought if i unistall rome it would come off but it didnt.Then i realised that i had rtw installed and a copy of rome total war and it got rid of the copy.i think.I just unintalled rtw again but when i go on to program files etc rome total war is their with the roma surrectum mod on it and i cant figure out how to unistall it because when i go on add or removes programs their is no roma surrectum their.Please help as i really wanna play vannila rtw.

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    Hi Cleon of Sparta,
    To resolve this simply enter either "C:\Program Files\Activison", should you have a standard version of R:TW, or "C:\Program Files\The Creative Assembly", should you have Gold. Once you are in, simply delete the folder named "Rome - Total War". Then un-install R:TW as normal to remove the registry entries. Once you have finished, you can install R:TW again.

    If this fails, then you could attempt installing the game into a alternative directory. Ensure that you have run the un-installer first, however, or the registry entries will still exist to prevent you from running the installer. Once you are sure that this is done, simply load up the installer as normal. Continue, following the on-screen instuctions, until the program enquires where you wish to install the game to. Direct it to "C:\Program Files\Rome - Total War" and then continue as usual. Hopefully, when the process is complete, you should be able to run vanilla R:TW from the newly installed shortcuts.

    Hope this helps you, good luck, cheers!
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    Atm Rtw is unistalled but all teh files are on there still with the modded information on it to.I already reinstalled it before and when i go to the programe files place nothing has changed accept for a desktop icon appearing.I think ill try just installing it to a different dirrectory and roma surrectum can jsut staythere.Atm rtw is unistalled.


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