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Thread: The Giving of Traits

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    Default The Giving of Traits

    What is the exact syntax for the console command to give traits to Roman characters? No syntax I try seems to work, and I can't remember the instructions when they were posted here somewhere in the EB forums...

    Okay, I'm trying to give this guy, Marcvs Cocceivs Symmachvs, the Populares trait and make him my personal Gaius Marius. What do I command to make it work?

    While we're at it, he's dull, charismatic and vigorous. How do I make him sharp/charismatic/vigorous?
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    Default Re: The Giving of Traits

    give_trait "Firstnamemiddlename Lastname" <trait_name>. So here it would be

    give_trait "Marcvscocceivs Symmachvs" Popularis.

    And for the sharp bit, just find another guy who qualifies instead. There are a lot of connected stuff which I'd rather not look up for this simple query.

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