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Thread: Ze New Total War Game

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    Default Ze New Total War Game

    Because I don't know where to put it.
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    Default AW: Ze New Total War Game

    Sounds great! I┤m looking forward to it!

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    Default Re: Ze New Total War Game

    Argh! My pc is probably going to commit a suicide when it hears of this! It can hardly handle M2TW with low settings... Not to even speak of Empire: Total War which is probably going to require a monster pc.

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    Default Re: Ze New Total War Game

    Damn. It's a setting I find immensely tedious, one I can't muster the least bit of interest in. My interest in history dies after guns were developed. That means the game is going to struggle to appeal to me at all.
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    Default Re: Ze New Total War Game

    I love the period, so it's definitely going to appeal here

    Sorry that it won't for you, though, froggy

    Anyways, there's a separate forum for the game here; thread closed
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