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Thread: Available Modders list.

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    Default Available Modders list.

    I just thought that we should have a list of modders out there who are willing to join a mod. Sort of like a "recruiting pool" for new and existing mods.

    Modders can state their preferences, such as: Timeframe, focus(gameplay or history), size(major or minor) etc.

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    Default Re: Available Modders list.

    Totally awesome idea...especially helpful to those of us that are just trying to get something started!
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    Default Re: Available Modders list.

    The TWC has something like that so I think people should go there if they seek employment (or, even better, ask a team of a mod they're interested in):

    However I don't believe this kind of thing works very well because experienced modders will usually mind what they work on and search a team by themselves while new modders won't really offer a lot to the team and should get their hands dirty with their own mini-mod before attempting to work on a large project.
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