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    Default In simple words?

    Could someone post an "equilavalence table" for the poor non-Antique specialists that some players are :

    this kind of thing :
    Kart-Hadasht = Carthage
    SPQR = Romans
    Aedui = Eduan Gauls
    Arverni = Arvern Gauls
    Koinon Hellenoi = Common Greeks
    Hayasdan = Armenians


    Adequate naming is very nice, but some guide for noobs couls be helpful
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    Default Re: In simple words?

    Aedui - Aedui Confederacy
    Arche Seleukeia - Seleucid Empire
    Arverni - Arverni Confederacy
    Baktria - Greco-Bactrian Kingdom
    Casse - Casse (precursors of the better-known Catuvellauni)
    Epeiros - Epirus
    Getai - Dacia
    Hayasdan - Armenia
    Safot Softim biQarthadast - Carthage
    Koinon Hellenon - Chremonidean League
    Lusotana - Lusitanians
    Makedonia - Macedonia
    Pahlava - Parthians (although they aren't actually Parthians in 272 BCE)
    Pontos - Pontus
    Ptolemaioi - Ptolemaic Egypt
    SPQR - Rome
    Sabyn - Saba
    Saka Rauka - Sakas (better known as Indo-Scythians - they aren't that in 272 BCE though)
    Sauromatae - Sarmatians
    Sweboz - Suebi

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    Default Re: In simple words?

    Great... for me Casse are Britons, but don't tell it to historian purists :D
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