*Project name: Europa Crudus

*Brief description:
The aim of the Europa Crudus is to create an environment that is as immersive and historically accurate as possible, while still preserving the gameplay of Medieval II:Total War. We also hope to exploit any and all available resources that become available as a result of the upcoming release of the Kingdoms expansion pack. Unlike some other mods, which limit themselves to more accurately portraying certain geographies or nationalities, our mod intends to inject a much needed dose of playable historical accuracy across the board.

*Talent needed:
The Europa Crudus team is currently seeking the following:
- Mappers*
- Skinners
- Modelers
- Scripters*
- Graphic Artists
*Denotes urgently needed positions

Please PM Pope_Fred_I or Tanmos

Team structure:
The current Europa Crudus team consists of:

Pope_Fred_I: Mod Lead, Head Researcher

Tanmos: Mod Manager, Scripter, Photoshoppist, Skinner, Et cetera ad nausea


Additional Info:
Current Goals
While anticipating the release of Kingdoms, we are currently engaged in setting up our map. We have also begun to tweak several traits, ancillaries, and so on. We have also secured permission to include several existing mini-mods into our overall product. We have amassed an immense amount of historical data via our current research team, all of which will be of continual value to the team as we progress.

Upcoming projects
Our future and upcoming projects include (appearing here in no particular order), but are in no way limited to:
-progressively adding factions up to the 31-faction limit.
-implementation of any applicable features from Kingdoms
-reskins in accordance with more historical conventions of medieval army dress
-creation of several new historically accurate units
-the original MII:TW map utilizing the entire 198-province limit
-historically accurate family trees for all factions