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    I have been looking around for a thread on this for the past few hours. I know that devastation is harmful to farming and is caused by enemy armies on your land or sieges and things like that but what I cannot find is how long it takes to dissappear, e.g. one tile of devastation takes say 4 turns to "heal". Anyone know?

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    Default Re: Devastation Recovery

    I think it's also related to how long the area was devastated - e.g. if the enemy army was in the same spot for ten years then it will take longer for the land to heal than if that army was only present for four turns.
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    Default Re: Devastation Recovery

    Devastation is a factor of size of the enemy and length of time they stood there.

    I big army will quickly cause a lot of devastation. A small single rebel wont cause any.

    How quickly does it go..dont know. Time is the only healer.

    Best not let any enemy stand on your land for too long. Also if you capture a city by siege..will you have caused devastation to the area you are about to capture. Better to capture by assault as quickly as possible.
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