Hello, I'm starting a mod on the Europe (start : 1000, end 1492)

So a quick description of the new factions ( as you can see Aztecs, Turks, Egypt and Milan have been gone out) :

Leinster : starts with one settlements. The Leinster isn't a difficult faction, first the player have to conquer the whole Island. But then the other "English" Factions will be dangerous, Scotland, Wales and England... 4 factions for 1 island. Diplomacy and Money will be useful...

Aragon : Probably one of the most difficult factions in the beggining, poor state, not a lot of town and a little army, for who want to build an empire not easily.

Sweden : will be a rich country in the beginning, but the size of his army will be lower than that his Scandinavian neighbours. Fortunately, thanks to her money, she can create an army very fast, and even suspect a possible conquest of the rebel Baltic States.

Norway : will begin with an economy and an army more than respectable. Regrettably, if the faction wishes to get bigger, she has to attack her Scandinavians neighbours (Denmark and Sweden)

Kingdom of Burgundy :

Serbia : Serbia possesses two regions: Mésie and Rascie. Serbia making border with Hungary, the Bulgarians the Byzantine Empire and Croatia, occupied territories by rebels are rare.

Bulgaria : starts with 4/5 settlements.

The Brabant : The young counted of Brabant begins the party as a vassal of the HRE. On the other hand, sooner or later, the independence will be necessary so that the faction becomes powerful.

Croatia : THE hardest faction of the mod. Enemies everywhere, very present rebels. This faction was more chosen as a difficult gameplay than for its historicity.

Kiev : is the only Russian faction of departure, thus the beginning is quiet but the Poles are not so far!

Lithuania : Lithuanian have only one single region, Courlande in the beginning. Any time, there is a large number of rebel territories in the surroundings, what allows to create from the beginning a respectable territory.

Duchy of Guyenne : diplomacy with england will be useful for this small french duchy (they strats allied themselves)

Swiss Conf. (emerging faction - 1292-) :

Frisia (Friesland) :

Wales : england is not a safe place for who want to sleep

Duchy of Bohemia : as the Brabant the Duchy of Bohemia will start as a vassal of the HRE.

A few screens :

But I need absolutely a mapper to continue.

The map I would have like to have : (it's a idea of the map it's not the map)

So you are a mapper and if you have any mod to do or work I would be pleased to see you helping me