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    Alletun, maker of the Order v Chaos mod dropped me a PM today. Due to time/real life commitments, he felt he was unable to continue and complete his mod. Not wishing to let that excellent work go to waste, he offered to join the ranks of the Warhammer mod.

    I pondered this for a small fraction of a second, and said a definite yes.

    Initially, Alletun will be working on the Greenskins, modifying his Orcs to look a bit more in tune with the Warhammer world, and also putting some more units in that he had as WIP's.

    I think Alletun will be a real asset to the Mod, and will be bringing some quality work with him from the outset.

    So...a big Warhammer Welcome for Alletun
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    Yes! the more the merrier.. (and faster)!!
    But realy, if thismeans we have a experienced modder on the greenskins, i am happy!

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    Thanks for the welcome, i'll be sure to post updates of my work!

    here's some pictures of my orcs. if you have any ideas of how to make them more warhammer-ish, please speak up:

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    Alletun is an experienced modder, able to model and get his units functional in the game. This means a lot in terms of progress.

    He was already working on Orc units, and this means he is able to get into makign the variations. He has already done the skeleton work, and built the base work that is needed for a non-human faction. What he has done was very similar in outline to what I had started for the Greenskins, and having seen the mesh and underlying skeleton, I knew he was already on the right wavelength for what I wanted. I have no doubt he will turn out exactly what I want, and to a high standard.

    What more could a mod-leader want from a new recruit! Happy! The Greenskins have a talented modder working on them.
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    Nice,now an alliance has been forged,the orcs are very good but for the terms of suggestion,i suggest to make the head a little bigger and make in the center of the heads two holes to represent the nose,also put more teeths,more armor espesialy in the shoulders and finally just make a little bigger and smaller up the legs,but i think you are propably a good modder and you know what to do,keep up the WAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH.............
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    Default Re : Good News

    very kind of you Alletun

    and moreover your work is excellent, orks are better than those of Mark of Chaos

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    Great news indeed. Thanks Alletun! Excellent Orcs!

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    Great job on the models.
    If you're looking to "warhammerise" your orcs, you could look here for inspiration:

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    Default Re: Good News

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    It's a shame Order vs Chaos won't continue, but it's great that some of the work could be used for other projects.

    Great that it's this mod he honours with his contributions!

    On behalf of the puny clamouring Warhammer mod fans, welcome Alletun! I hope your Paladins can be modified for Bretonnia or the Empire, they were extremely good. Maybe Bretonnian lords, or Empire warrior monks.

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    Those are fine stuff. I need to get my finger out of my ass, I had no idea that skeletons where THIS moddable in M2TW.

    And oh, I think they look perfect now, the skin color is excellent, and they are not unrealistically unproportional (with unproportional, I mean that the miniature models proportions doesn't make any sense at all) as the miniature models.

    And one last thing... Could you guys start posting up some renders of the models from time to time too? :P

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    woa very nice especialy the skin. but i think the head should be a little more square but other than that perfect
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    Fantastic!! Those Orcs look wonderful Alletun!

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    Welcome Alluten. And very nice orks btw. I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us.
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    Default Re: Good News

    I pondered this for a small fraction of a second, and said a definite yes.
    I figure this must be something like...

    0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000001 secs or something...


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    Default Re: Good News

    Those orcs are stunning... simply amazing! And Welcome aboard Alletun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazysigmarite
    Those orcs are stunning... simply amazing! And Welcome aboard Alletun!
    Just had to come back to check them out again. They do look amazing..

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    A blessing in disguise, if there ever was one. I would have loved to see another fantasy mod come to fruitition, but then, joining with Warhammer definitely is the next best thing.

    Judging from the screens, the orcs look perfectly fine to me, I woldn┤t change anything. Way to go

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    Well although not new to the TW series, i am new to this forum.

    At the moment i am currently using SS4.1 which i thought couldn't be beaten...........

    then i looked at this

    My God guys this looks bloody awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Please get it out a.s.a.p

    I can see me losing my life in this mod.
    Where would we be without the TW series?............probably having a life!

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    Good news there are far too many similar mods out there when more people could be working together!

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    Default Re: Good News

    Good news indeed, as is anything which raises the chances of this mod coming to fruition! Those orcs look vicious.
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    Default Re: Good News

    Nice work Alletun. I love your orc models - they look exactly like the old school WH orcs before GW made them all 40K ork-ified.


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