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    Thumbs down Daisy Day

    I just had a of a day. I'm sick, no one helped me or cared. I'm tired, no respite. I'm sad and deflated. I've got millions of things to do, and work that has to be done. I've got exams in two months. I got so riled up and angry I just destroyed my phone, Russell Crowe style.

    Sorry for placing all that on you guys. I'll pipe down now and go to my corner.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Wait until your kids get to be teenagers, it's a daisy day every day for 7 years.

    Oh! also go buy another 'phone. You'll need it.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    The comment underneath your name says hopeful.....come on; some days just suck....

    As the Indian in "Dead Man" puts it: "Someday you are eaten by the bear, the other day you eat it!"
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Life does suck sometimes, but then things always go up at some point... you just need a bit of patience and confidence, and things will get better. As for nobody caring about your being sick, well, I'm sure that's not really true - I find it hard to believe you have no friends or family, and I'm sure they care.

    Just take it easy, man, don't let yourself get depressed, things will improve, and everybody has crappy days every now and then. That's life for ya - but we usually make it through a bit stronger and a bit more resilient. Hang in there, nice daffodil days will come.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    I guess it sucks for you more than it sucks for me. Recently i've been having a daisy year (in terms of social life and whatnot), but still, you seem to have it much worse with regards to other things.

    Good luck with things, after they get so bad they can only get better.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Sorry to hear you're going through a tough spell. Things will turn around, just hang in there.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Well, you can always come here for people who care about you.

    But I think there are other people who care about you as well, on some days it's just not as visible as you'd want it to be.

    I hope you can get things sorted out.

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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    I had a pretty bad day today, but whatever. Being a super senior (a senior who should have graduated last year, but can't due to an exchange trip) sort of sucks, plus my AP Bio course was going to be horrible. Anyway you just need to get through it and realize that at some point things will be better if you just stick it out and grab what relaxation and fun time you can get out of your schedule.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad day, man.

    You'll get through it, though. I know that might sound like an empty platitude, but I truly believe that. There really *is* light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can't always see it.
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    Who dont have those days?

    I had to make a homework. I had to go to sleep at 1.30 am. I had to go to school at 6.00.

    Everything went wrong. I failed in school. My gf left me. My whole world is the same as always. Twas the end of a different life. Now I'm the same guy as always used to be.

    Feelings play with me, school is pure . Now, I made everything wrong. I cant change that. Just go to sleep, very early. Another day will come, but you will regret that day what happened.

    I wasnt failing ANY subjects, in three days, I failed 3. School has not finished.

    Yesterday, an incident happened in the school. All the boys have 10 amonestations. With 20 we are out. I did not have any amonestation ever!But guess what? Now I have 10.

    I just hate school. I dont like some teachers, their authoritarism and the non-freedom speech.

    Today is friday. 2 days to monday. I need vacations, but no! I cant. Again, the same teachers, and all the routine comes again.

    Isnt life pure daisy?

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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    I will state a pearl of wisdom i've kept from my youth to get through days like that:

    "Anger is an energy." 'Rise' PiL
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    Default Re: Daisy Day

    It just goes to show you everybody will have good days and bad days... no matter which side of the fence you're on. I haven't been having a bad day per se, just well... I've been contemplative. Solving the mystery's of life is a real brain buster (as they really can't be solved without more problems popping up.) I really need to take a vacation for a little bit, just me... nobody else. Get centered again so I can hit life hard once more.


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