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Thread: Most Promising Faction Heir

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    So, from all the factions and games you have already played, who was your best Faction Heir? I had recently started a Egiptian campaign and, well, see for youself:

    This little guy came out with 5 stars at command with only 16 years old, and after a jihad he has 7 stars plus the holy warrior trait (not visible in the print screen), which gives him a +3 bonus in command against christians... He has also so good governor traits, like "Talent with Numbers" and "Budding Bureaucrat" and no negative trait so far. He is also a night fighter :). I love this guy, he will be my hammer against Turqs, Crusaders and Byzantines...

    What about you, any other promise battlefield genius?

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    Default Re: Most Promising Faction Heir

    Lucky you! I usually end up with some moron who gets thrown to the rebels as a cannon fodder, in hope that the next one will be better. He rarely is...

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    I'm usually happy if mine don't have more negative than positive traits. It's a worry if you are really happy and surprised with a slightly less incompetent heir.
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    In my Danish campaign I got the starting prince up to full command, full chivalry, and full piety. How? The holy cusade! Lol. And he picked up the Crown of Thorns in Jeresalem. He's now king Charles and sadly only had one son. (sigh.) And to think of the trait he could pass on... lol

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