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    Provided my disc works, I'm playing this again tomorrow. For the first time in a year and a half.

    Which faction? I haven't played for a long time, and I'm not too bothered. Any suggestions?

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    I think you need a faction which is fun and a bit of a challenge but not too hard to keep you going.


    I am thinking either Selucids or Carthage , can anyone set up a poll?

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    I've played Carthage so many times, I'd recommend the Seleucids. Nice challenge in the beginning, juggernaut when it gets going!

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    Depends on the playstyle you like, and when you want the challenge. For example, Selucids and Carthage have it very rough early on, but once Carthage defeats Rome and Selucia defeats Egypt, they've got it made the rest of the game. The Julii, on the other hand, have an easy start and probably a harder late game. However, all factions are pretty easy to play as once you have twenty cities.

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    Go Barbarian! Try Scythia, they're more fun than a barrel o monkeys.

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    play as Carthage!!
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    Britannia, because light chariots rule

    A bit hard at the beginning if you have no idea how weak the family members are, (lost two family members against the same rebel...)
    but once you get Gaul, the only enemy can fight you is the Romans, and they are not very hard, just spam light chariots.


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