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Thread: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

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    Default Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    I use UltraEdit myself and haven't tested this, but I guess this might be a useful tool for those who want to mod, being EB team or not. It's free for another 18 hours.

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    Default Re: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    Nice find, thanks Bovi

    I'm not sure how this dancing lock is relevant, but somehow I think it is...
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    Default Re: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    People seem to think this one is better still. Even so the time has ended for the previous one.

    Some others, simpler, and FREE are those,

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    Default Re: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    When the going gets tough, notepad++ gets going. It's really great.

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    Default Re: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    I'm more of a fan of textpad, just cos it is the one I've had the most experience with and I know my way around it.

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    Default Re: Multi-Edit is today's giveaway

    I'd try out the notepad++ thing link, but seeing as how all it does is take me to a big green page....I cant download it.

    Edit: Nevermind, 37 refreshes later and it works like a charm.
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