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    Ok so i finally decided it was time to test invasion barbarorum. so i installed barbarian invasion, its got a 1.4 version. then i found out i needed a 1.6 version for IB, so i downloaded a patch. but THEN the patch had no cd crack, so it cudnt find the 'disk' and evrytime i put the original cd crack back on it seems to erase the 1.6 patch. i also just downloaded invasio barbarorum, and being a clever boy (or so i thought) i installed it when i had the 1.6 patch on. but no icon for IB came up, so im guessing i have to play it through the original barbarian invasion, which now can not be found by the 1.6 patch. oh man...any help?

    PS-pointing me in the direction of a v1.6 no cd crack would be awwwwesome. cheers!
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    Sorry, but you have to install BI ver 1.6.

    You have to buy the original disk.
    I should remember you that forum rules does not allow crack sharing or so.

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    well i decided to install it with the real disk and it works perfectly now anyway :P great game man!
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    Yes, 1.6 would be the last official patch for Barbarian Invasion. For Invasio Barbarorum just follow the version 7 instructions.


    I didn't see. Just buy Barbarian Invasion and stop sharing cd's with your buddies.
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