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    Default NTW Improvement mod

    Note if this is in the wrong section you can move it :)

    I am a big fan of the Napoleonic Total War, and was wondering if someone could improve upon the single player campaign portion of the mod and give the game at least 2 eras, one in 1700 and one at the begining of 1800. Change the faction names like say, in 1700 era France would be the Kingdom of France, and in 1800 era it could be the Republic of France...

    Also maybe add some historic buildings to improve happiness in certain regions as well. Finally to add for more of a challenge add a Swedish, and possibly a Barbary States faction. Don't really need to give them any special units (Sweden Province already has unique Swedish units anyways)


    Parlimentary Building-Improves happiness
    reforms-improves happiness and trade profit improves loyalty
    Historic Buildings:
    Palace of Versailles-France
    Colloseum-Papal States/Italy
    Catherine Palace-Russia
    Hagia Sophia-Ottoman Empire
    Buckingham Palace-Britain
    New Countries:
    Swiss Confederation
    Barbary States
    Papal States
    Vice Royalty of Two Sicilies

    Country name changes:
    1700/1800 era:

    Kingdom of England/ Great Britain
    Kingdom of France/ Republic of France
    Tsardom of Muscovy/ Empire of Russia
    Vice Royalty of Two Sicilies/ Kingdom of Naples
    Dominions of Brandenbug/ Prussia

    I hope someone takes this into some consideration... P.S. I am suggesting this because I dobt my P.C. will be able to run Empire: TW :(

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    Default Re: NTW Improvement mod

    I'm going to try to make this improvement mod myself now, (and so I can learn more about modding) I've started already, now just have to figure out some more things on faction modding, and adding buildings...

    this is the first era called "Age of Revolution" which will start in 1700 and go to 1900 for a long campaign :)

    New Factions for the Age of Revolution Era:

    Babary States
    Moldovia and Wallachia (they will both be just 1 country)
    Papal States

    After I find out everything I need to know to get that era working I'll start on a 1800 era campaign...


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