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    Hi, I realize that this mod is no longer being worked on, but I nevertheless have a question that I'm sure someone could answer . . .

    What is the best campaign difficulty to choose from? Though I am an experienced RTW player, I went with Medium thinking it would be the most realistic difficulty (I am assuming that on Very Hard the AI gets a ton of money), but except for an initial scare when Saladin destroyed my army near Acre, I have seen little resistance by the Saracens, and also a slightly passive attitude. Should I switch to Hard, or am I going to get swamped by Saracens when I get near to Jerusalem or Egypt?
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    Do not worry, you can play VH/VH with no problems...

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    I would say that the best difficulty would be H/H. Makes the campaign tough with money shortages and all, and makes you act really smart in the battles. If the game is still too easy, just give the saracens lots of money with cheats. To do so press the ~ key and then type "add_money sassanids, 40000", but without the quotation marks. Do this a couple of times and the saracens will get a ton of spamstacks fast.
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