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Thread: Titles development topic

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    Default Titles development topic

    This thread is dedicated to working on our provincial and office titles system.

    First, a quick introduction into how this is supposed to work look at the preview I posted a while ago.

    Provincial Titles

    You may already know the usual system utilized to represent provincial titles which is using a special kind of ancillary that's awarded to the first character standing in the settlement. Now I don't want to belittle that approach, let's just say we didn't think it was completely appropriate and up to the task (mainly because you couldn't opt to not award the title at all, or wait to do it - which is crucial for our office titles).
    Therefore I devised a titles system based on traits a few months ago. This time, you will have to choose to assign the trait to one of your generals, and afterwards you will get the opportunity to choose one, anywhere on the map, through the army overview scroll or directly on the map. Stripping works similarly, but the advisor won't remind you of it, so you have to get active yourself and request the settlement advice scroll (the normal advisor is disabled, I just couldn't fit it in; and I assumed most people who are going to play this mod will know the game well enough to do without it).

    Each provincial title will grant unique bonuses depending on its province, its historical importance and which kind of government you have in that settlement (high or low control and rural or communal). In general, high control means more loyalty while low control means less loyalty and rural represents a focus of the settlement on the countryside so the general will get things like farming or mining bonuses while communal represents a focus on trading, manufacturing or other urban tasks.
    In addition, a ruler will get massive administrative bonuses while he's staying in the settlement he rules which means you'll usually want him to stay there. Not for too long however because he can pick up bad traits because of this.
    For example, if he's a bit on the phlegmatic or melancholic side and (worst case) also has some points in the acedia sin (sloth) he'll pick up laziness traits, decreasing his movement and acumen. He might also become depressed, start scheming or start spending his time skinning people alive. Especially if you don't invite him to parties.

    Office Titles

    The design progress on our office titles is not as large as that on the provincial titles, however they will use the same general system. Usually they'll be enabled by the player or the AI building a certain structure in one of their provinces (such as the episcopal palace which enables the Bishop title which is available for every province). The advisor will then remind you when you select the settlement that a certain title is available and whether you want to assign it. If you do, it'll pretty much work like with a provincial title: You select a character on the map or the army overview scroll and at the next turn (if you don't change your mind) he'll get hold of the title.
    The bonuses from these titles can include anything really.
    They can just boost some of the character's attributes, prevent characters from becoming disloyal (I hope I can make it happen that certain generals who are especially envious - the invidia sin - would get a severe loyalty penalty if other generals are chosen to have their preferred title) or enable altogether new lines of traits and ancillaries.
    In fact I believe that most of these office titles will be unique (or at least unique inside a faction) such as those in MTW. I'd really appreciate some community input about which titles you'd like to see and which would make sense historically. Don't be afraid to propose something that sounds strange at a first glance, for example I'd really like to have a kind of master banker title which enables unique banking ancillaries and makes the character able to give you some loan through an event if you're in trouble.

    Alright, so this is what we have right now. If you want to participate, there are quite a few ways to do this here:
    - Suggest office titles
    - Propose title effects for provincial and office titles
    - Customize provincial titles for each settlement (this is not as hard as it sounds, mainly a copy&paste job - it's not too difficult but a lot of work; if you're interested in this, please drop me a PM)
    - Comment on the general design of the feature (i.e. just give us some feedback: it helps, believe me)

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    Default Re: Titles development topic

    Well ignore this post, it's just something for reference later when people will be able to see the code - and of course a documentation for myself.

    Province title event counter states

    0. Not assigned yet
    1. Alive and kicking
    2. Currently being assigned (no ruler chosen yet)
    3. Being re-assigned (no ruler chosen yet)
    4. Assigning/Re-Assigning (new ruler chosen) (also used for stripping)
    5. Canceling
    6. Temporary state (used to determine if the counter should be reset to 0 or to 1)


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